our mission

Go Green Couriers is the sustainable solution for courier services in the DFW area.

Our mission is to provide superior courier service while focusing on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.  To achieve this mission we provide fast, efficient deliveries and immediate customer service, and we use only hybrid or emission-free vehicles for deliveries.  We are a first tier MBE supplier committed to implementing green business practices wherever possible so that we may have a direct and positive impact on the delivery-logistics industry and improve the quality of life for our surrounding community.


what does it mean to be "green"

  • We use hybrid vehicles. Hybrids produce less than half of the emissions standard gasoline engines produce.  So for every car we have on the road we are saving 17-30 tons of carbon emissions each year. A courier that uses a small truck emits 38.6 tons of carbon emissions a year. **Based on the average courier that drives 60,000 miles per year.
  • We office remotely so there is no need to expend unnecessary office space. Studies have shown that more than 67% of all electricity consumed is from the construction and operation of office buildings.
  • We use a paperless ordering system. All orders are placed, processed and billed online. We use the latest in courier software that integrates all operational functions within a complete software solution.